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Pricing Options

We offer the following pricing options:

  • By Student
  • By School
  • By District

Our regular pricing is based on yearly subscriptions with access to all the courses.

StudioWeb Certification

We also have the additional option of Studioweb Web Foundation Certification. This includes the certification exam and a printable numbered certificate. A digital record in our database is kept of each passing student, so that certification can be verified at any time via our website.

Custom & Multi Year Subscriptions

Some teachers only need a few of the Studioweb courses; we can accommodate ‘a la carte’ pricing. Multi year subscription discounts are also possible.

Contact us for details.

Subscriptions Highlights

  • No setup or training required. It's that easy!!
  • Free phone and email support.
  • 50+ class hrs of training on web design and programming.
  • Pre and post test - allows you to easily show that students learned something practical.
  • Student profile pages, so parents can be connected with how their kids are doing. Click here for an example
  • Lesson plans, grading rubric, classroom activities.
  • Teacher's account for live classroom statistics.
  • Full reporting + charts.
  • Teachers answer book.
  • Printable course outlines.
  • Course project files.

Ordering Information

We accept payments via credit card or check.

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