The original concept for StudioWeb came about in 2010 and was influenced by the new trends of the day, specifically: the gamification of the online learning experience and the flipped classroom model. A 1000+ beta testers later, after many revisions and all bugs squashed, we started to have something.

The real work though, began when students and teachers started to use StudioWeb in the classroom!

Teachers and students speak, and we listen

Since 2011, our team has been working with teachers from several schools, to refine and focus StudioWeb. With every iteration, StudioWeb continues to improve.

Our experience with schools has impacted StudioWeb in many ways, here is a small list:

  • StudioWeb courses were created by experienced educators and web professionals.
  • The updated curriculum is specifically designed with consideration to student and teacher feedback.
  • StudioWeb's scoring, tracking and classroom automation makes managing even a large classroom much easier.

We are continuing to refine StudioWeb and look forward to helping teachers teach not just code but practical web design and development.


Stefan Mischook

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