Our experience over the years has taught us that fixed lesson plans can get in the way of teaching ... it makes no sense to try and impose a rigid structure on teachers.

Because of this, we’ve designed lessons plans that are open ended … and the results have been great!

Open Ended Lesson Plans

With StudioWeb’s open ended lesson plans, teachers can easily manage students of different abilities, while easily adapting the curriculum to a wide range of school schedules.

That said, our lesson plans still provide a solid structure that makes running a StudioWeb class easy.

In a nutshell: course lesson plans are broken down by week, where we provide learning objectives and the corresponding weekly projects for students. We assume 40 minute classes, 3 times a week.

Flexibility is key:

We have seen so much variation in terms of how quickly students learn, and how teachers integrate StudioWeb, it only made sense to keep StudioWeb (software and course content,) flexible enough to work the way you need it to.

How long will it take to complete the web design curriculum?

As you know, some students will learn quickly, while others more slowly. Another factor naturally, is how often they will work on the courses. That said, to meet your needs, our curriculum has been designed (and refined over the last 7 years) for maximum flexibility.

... That means you will have enough course content for a schedule that last just a month, or a schedule that last the school year.

In a nutshell: whether your students only do the HTML course, or they complete all three courses (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) ... either way, they will learn concrete real-world skills.


Stefan Mischook

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