Learning web design and development doesn't have to be boring! Our fun quizzes and coding challenges (over 1000 questions) reinforce what is taught in the 300+ video lessons. For maximum learning impact, EVERY VIDEO LESSON has quiz questions.

To make it more fun, students also earn points and badges in a gamified environment, as they build their personal profiles!

There are three ways that students engage with the material:

  1. Coding challenges
  2. Multiple choice questions
  3. Workshops and projects

Taken together, you have a truly immersive experience that produces great learning results.

1. Coding Challenges

If you want to learn code, you have to write code. StudioWeb gently introduces actual coding directly within the browser, with coding challenges that provide INSTANT FEEDBACK as students progress!

2. Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple choice questions that reinforce key concepts in the videos. Built-in hinting means students never get stuck on a lesson.

3. Workshops and projects

We provide 40 PROJECTS that are bound to course chapters. The projects allow students to take their new skills, and apply them to real world scenarios. We provide student handouts and the completed project files.

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