This practical video course will teach you how to create a PHP login form using object-oriented techniques and the MVC design pattern. This course is designed for the truly gifted nerds in class!

  • For Grades: 9-12 This is the most advanced course in Studioweb
  • Prereqs: All the Foundation and PHP related courses.
  • Estimated Class Time: 3-4 hours
  • Number of Lessons: 10
  • Quiz Questions: 4 multiple choice and 16 code challenges

Sample Videos:

Course Outline:

Chapter 1: PHP Login with OOP an MVC

  • Introduction
  • File and Database Setup
  • The Template Object: Part 1
  • The Template Object: Part 2
  • The Template Object: Part 3
  • The Template Object: Part 4
  • Includes and Views
  • The Authorization Object: Part 1
  • The Authorization Object: Part 2
  • Members and Logout Page

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