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Totally new to coding? Teach HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Python, SQL, PHP and more with just 20 minutes of prep!

Fun for students!

StudioWeb 5 makes learning real-world code fun, with entertaining quizzes and bite-sized video lessons.

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TV Interview: Stefan talks about teaching code in the classroom.

Privacy by design

Student privacy is a top priority: students can work on StudioWeb in total anonymity. We fully support

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StudioWeb 5 provides a gamified learning environment that encourages and supports students.

As students learn to code, they will score points, earn badges, and unlock levels.

Integrated Testing

Totally new to coding? Teach HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Python, SQL, PHP and more with just 20 minutes of prep!

Video Learning

360+ bite-sized video lessons designed to engage and encourage students. Self-paced learning allowing teachers more one-on-one time with students.

Workshops & Side Projects

57 real-world coding projects and workshops. Student handouts and completed projects provided.

Trusted by Students

"This is the ONLY web development course I have taken that I was actually able to follow and understand the entire way through.

Everything else I learn these days is built upon the foundation of these classes. This is the absolute best way to learn the fundamentals of web development (as well as the other courses included)."

Derek Bearman Derek Bearman Student

"Totally excellent. Stefan does exactly as he says, reinforcing the fundamentals all the way through. Totally down to earth and practical without confusing omissions or gaps in logic. Throws in a little humor, always fun. He makes it very personal somehow which sets the course apart.

Way stoked, already recommended it to others. Thank you Stefan, your style rocks."

Joey SoCal Joey SoCal Student

"Stefan teaching methodology is practical, short, easy to learn and precise. I completed full web- development, freelance and entrepreneur courses in a very short time. I recently enrolled in python courses as well.

If you really wanted to get productive in a very short time i would recommend to go without a second thought."

Prasad Prasad Student

"I've taken many courses and tutorials. However Stefan's course is by far the best course I've ever taken. You can get a website within a week after taking his course. It's clear and concise on what you need to do start a career in web development. It also helps that he has mini projects to help reenforce the concepts.

I can't recommend this course highly enough. Thanks Stef!"

Gregory Shavers Jr Gregory Shavers Jr Student

"Stefan Mischook at Studioweb presents and explains information so clearly and makes complex concepts easily accessible to all. His approach always keeps the learner firmly in mind - everything is designed to make the journey easy and encouraging.

You can set and reach attainable learning goals with StudioWeb and more importantly, apply what you have learned to the real world."

Robert Taliano Robert Taliano Student

"Stefan is an amazing teacher who helps you mail your fundamentals, keeps it simple yet highly effective, and gives you the confidence to also continue learning on your own after you complete his courses. Because of Stefan I am now a freelance web developer with a great coding / programming foundation."

Kevin Whelan Kevin Whelan Student

Built for the classroom

Classroom management tools

Our flexible classroom management tools allow teachers to teach the way they want to teach. Teachers quickly feel confident and relaxed teaching with StudioWeb.

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StudioWeb Screenshot

System integrations

StudioWeb 5 can integrate with your school’s and district’s backend system, for a smooth rollout. We will work with your team to find the best solution for you.

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