Integrated Testing

1400+ coding and multiple choice quiz questions. Automatic grading by course, chapter and lesson.

Video Learning

360+ bite-sized video lessons designed to engage and encourage students. Self-paced learning allowing teachers more one-on-one time with students.

Workshops and Side Projects

57 real-world coding projects and workshops. Student handouts and completed projects provided.

TV interview: Stefan talks about teaching code in the classroom

Trusted by teachers: ><

Studioweb has been a central part of our programming and web development curriculum for the past two years. Students pick up the material quickly, while the detailed reporting makes tracking class progress simple.

Jason R. Gardner
IPD Instructor - Auburn Career Center

StudioWeb has the best material out there and is giving me the tools I need to teach coding in my Web Foundation courses. It's user friendly, easy to use and the customer service is stellar.

Cindi Clark
Spring Hill High School - Columbia, TN

My students have been using Studioweb for just about a week now. They are learning more than I could ever teach them and I believe they are surprising themselves with their abilities!

Mandi Wood
Ridgemont High School - Victory, OH

StudioWeb is extremely relevant to the real world of web development. I think most if not all future students with an interest in Web Development will find this extremely interesting and helpful.

Maria (student)
Community College - Alabama

The set of videos were excellent. They were great and I wish that I had access to them with the semester ended. I would love to go back review them again.

John (student)
Community College - Alabama

"I thoroughly enjoyed your tutorials and so did many of my students. Thank you,"

Sharon Johnston
New Orleans

Students and teachers give their thoughts on StudioWeb

Video based lessons designed for the classroom

Pop-up note takers
Built-in roadmaps
Short easy videos

Interactive Code Challenges and Quizzing

Built-in hinting
Instant Feedback
Gamified learning

Automatic grading by course, chapter, and lesson

Formative grading
Summative grading
Daily leaderboard

Professional Development and Support

You don't know code?

No worries! StudioWeb's structured curriculum and classroom automation, allows teachers to take on the role of classroom facilitator, as StudioWeb takes care of the nitty-gritty details.

Got questions, need help?

You can always reach us by phone and email. We are here to help.

Need Training?

We understand that a lot of teachers are given the job of teaching code - but they don't know code! We can provide the training you need, to successfully lead a StudioWeb classroom. In fact, total beginners can be up and running in a matter of a few hours! If you are already somewhat familiar with HTML, cut that down to about 20 minutes!'s that easy with StudioWeb

Teachers spoke, we listened

Since 2012, we’ve been working with teachers to get Studioweb just right. Responding to real-world classroom use, Studioweb has been refined and reshaped to meet student and teacher’s needs.

One thing we’ve learned over the years, is that to learn to code, you have to write code. So we don’t believe in simulated coding …because it’s not coding! Studioweb still plays like a game, but we don’t hide the code from the student - in fact, they get their hands dirty almost immediately. Instead of code-training wheels, we rely on the good teaching built into our lessons and quizzes. Your students will learn applicable skills with Studioweb.

Stefan started teaching web design and programming in 2003. Coming from a family of teachers (father, brother, cousins, aunts and uncles), Stefan discovered he had a knack for teaching - go figure! Many of his students are now successful web professionals while some have gone on to become web design teachers themselves.

Stefan built his first website in 1994 and has developed many commercial projects over the years including e-learning software for Pfizer, Aventis and Merck Frost.

Published author and recognized in the industry for many years, Stefan has created commercial apps in 8 programming languages. Oh yes, he also developed/created venerable sites like:,, and others.

Stefan Mischook


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