Wordpress is the most popular blog / CMS engine

CMS is short for ‘content management system’. In a nerd nutshell, Wordpress is a PHP based web app (which is just a bunch of PHP pages) that you install on a web server. Wordpress makes it easy to build and maintain a website since managing lots of content (text, images, video) is super easy in Wordpress, versus building web pages by hand.

...That said, Wordpress can be a bit more work to set up initially.

Why should your web design students learn Wordpress?

Last time I checked, 18% of the worlds websites run on Wordpress! It’s very popular with small business, so web designers are almost guaranteed to be asked to work with Wordpress at some point - especially as a freelance web designer or developer.

Wordpress based web design work is so popular in fact, that there are web designers who exclusively do Wordpress development. Wordpress web designers, typically will be called on to do things like:

  • Install and configure Wordpress.
  • Design and build Wordpress templates - called ‘themes’ in the Wordpress world.
  • Modify Wordpress - add a shopping cart, add a newsletter etc. This is where knowing PHP comes in very handy, since Wordpress is built with PHP.

Beyond that, Wordpress will introduce students to the concept of a CMS … and how they work. As you are probably aware, many organizations use a CMS to manage their operations, so it’s a good idea for students to be trained in them.

Wordpress is not the only CMS out there (ex: Drupal, Joomla) but they are all based on the same principles. So like with programming languages, once a student understands one CMS, the rest will come much more easily.

We suggest teaching Wordpress after the web design basics (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) are covered.

Our beginners course on Wordpress:

  1. Beginners Wordpress

The Wordpress 'Edit Page' Screen

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