PHP is a key language in modern web design and development. It is arguably a must learn programming language.

Nerd note: Most web apps have some sort of database working behind the scenes. So sometimes, web apps are called ‘database driven websites’. Check out the databases page to learn more.

Why teach PHP?

There are several reasons to choose PHP as the first programming language to introduce to students:

When it comes to building web apps, PHP is the most popular programming language. Over 80% of web apps run on PHP! Students learning PHP, will find a much greater chance of finding internships and even freelance work - the demand is there.

PHP is easier to teach, because students can do practical things without having to understand (sometimes complex) object oriented programming principles. Yes, object oriented PHP will have to be taught at some point, but being able to gently introduce programming with PHP’s simpler side, makes teaching programming much easier.

Many popular tools that web designers and developers use everyday run on PHP - here is a short list:

  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla

...And there are many, many more.

Knowing PHP will help in terms of being able to understand, configure and even modify these products, since students will understand their inner workings.

Where does PHP fall in the order of subjects to teach?

Students must be comfortable with basic web concepts, HTML and CSS before they can start learning PHP.

Our PHP training courses:

  1. Beginners PHP
  2. Form Validation with PHP and Javascript
  3. PHP and MySQL
  4. CRUD with PHP and MySQLi
  5. PHP Tag Cloud

PHP code as seen in a popular code editor.

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