CSS Code Adds Style to Websites

CSS is the second language that students should learn in a web design and web development curriculum.

CSS (cascading style sheets) is the sister language to HTML, and it’s used in every website in the world to add style web pages. That includes setting font styles, font sizes, color, inserting images and even changing the entire look and positioning of page elements (text, images, menus) in a website. CSS 3 is the latest version of CSS.

CSS does get complex

Although basic CSS is very approachable, unlike HTML, CSS has advanced concepts and functionality that can be tough for students to absorb. For example, the CSS ‘cascade’, the hierarchical rules by which CSS code is applied to a web page, are central to using CSS but can be a challenge to teach!

No worries though, our beginners CSS course does a good job at simplifying this concept … among many others. Nonetheless, we suggest that much more time be devoted to teaching CSS when compared to HTML.

Our CSS course:

  1. Beginners CSS

Website with CSS turned off.

Website with CSS on.

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