Coming Summer 2017!

Python is one of the most important programming languages used today. Popular in both education and in the professional world, Python is used in Ai, machine learning, web app creation with frameworks like Django and so much more.

Powerful Python 3, is our new Python course specially designed for classroom teaching. Students learn modern Python programming through video lessons, code challenges, multiple choice quizzes and real-world projects.

  • For grades: 8+
  • Prereqs: None
  • Estimated Class Time: 10-12 hours (depending on grade level and student aptitude.)
  • Number of Lessons: coming soon!
  • Quiz Questions: Over 100
  • Workshops / side projects: Coming soon!
  • Included documents: Chapter objectives, teacher's cheat sheet, glossary of terms, project guidelines.

The course starts with the basics, and quickly moves into fun but practical real Python programming with drawing, animation and more.

Course Outline:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Python

    Chapter 2: Slithering into basic code

      Chapter 3: Drawing with Python

        Chapter 4: Python and animation

          Chapter 5: Making decisions with code

            Chapter 6: Python's built-in functions

              Chapter 7: Creating custom functions

                Chapter 8: Object Oriented Python

                  Chapter 9: Python modules

                    Chapter 10: Build a Python Program

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